Levels of Cultural Seriousness

Over the weekend it occurred to us that there were varying degrees of ongoing seriousness underway as we swelter in the heat of mid-July.

1. The George Zimmerman verdict and the resulting debate over racial profiling and other racist behavior.

2. The legacy of Trayvon Martin and why his death appears to be more tragic to African Americans than “run of the mill” black-on-black committed murders.

3. The complete ridiculousness of the ability of Comic-Con to influence American culture through mass audience desensitization i.e. the ability of the superhero film to cause us to accept heroic violence as a means to solve society’s problems. See #1.

4. The joy exhibited by the critics of Tiger Woods over his recent inability to win another Major golf championship; why it appears the public needs to hear his blonde ex-wife’s approval of his new (and recently divorced) blonde girlfriend.

5. Model Heidi Klum’s apparent and continuous need to display her nude body in the aftermath of divorcing a black man, the singer Seal.

We will address these points in our next blog.