Unfinished Business

It has been six weeks since our last posting. During that time there were summer courses to teach and the completion of a research fellowship in Chicago that undertook the difficult topic of the origins of the Afrocentric slur “Uncle Tom.”

As to the previous post on July 22nd:

About George Zimmerman and Trayvon. Since the Zimmerman verdict, he has been stopped by police for a traffic violation and was armed. He was photographed at a munitions manufacturer. African American pundits have quieted down, as is usually the case. So far the vast majority have refused to elevate black-on-black youth murders to the level of outrage exhibited in the Zimmerman case. The legacy of Trayvon Martin is that we will never really know what happened except Martin died under suspicious circumstances at the hands of a man who fully bought into the gangsta thug stereotypes created by black male youth themselves.

About Comic Con – This event examples the complete and utter success of hegemonic influences to distract young Americans from the problems they will face (are facing). It also sucks billions out of the pockets of consumers as they desperately seek to leave the reality of their daily lives.

About Tiger Woods – Upon reflection not really worth talking about.

About Heidi – The revelation is that her mother is the photographer. Heidi looks great, to be sure, and if she needs to display her perfection as a means of coping with her divorce, who are we to argue?