Welcome to Man of Reel

This blog will answer some of the pressing eternal questions of the universe:

Why are universities so adverse to diversity when they spend so much money advertising that they embrace it?

Is the Kroger gas points program a benefit or a con job?

Why is it so hard to help people who ask for help?

Are the expectations of audiences unrealistic when it comes to TV and movies?

Does DePalma’s Scarface film still wield the most influence among young black males as it did ten years ago?

Why does the thought of LeBron being so successful still upset the fine citizens of Cleveland?

What the hell were black people thinking when they started calling each other “Uncle Tom?”

Is “The Walking Dead” the perfect narrative for teaching critical thinking skills to college students? Or is fly fishing?

Look for insightful commentary on the above, plus reviews of reviewers of television and cinema.

Stay tuned!


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